Virtual Roundtable


Ideally, we would gather around a table at the end of the day to discuss each candidate. But, that’s not always possible. Talentron provides you a report that is the next best thing. We call it the Virtual Roundtable.

Confidence You Are Hiring the Right Person

If all interviewers rate the candidate consistently high you can be confident that this is a good person to hire. But, that is not always the case.

Sometimes most interviewers rate a candidate high except one of the interviewer rates them lower in a particular area. This is a red flag. That interviewer might have seen something in the candidate that the other interviewers didn’t see. Without Talentron's Virtual Roundtable you could have gotten "generally" good reports about the candidate. You might have hired the person only to discover the issue later.

Talentron's Virtual Roundtable

Talentron's Virtual Roundtable is a single report that summarizes all the scores and comments from the interviewers for each candidate. It stack ranks the candidates with the highest rating candidates at the top of the list. This is the next best thing to sitting around the table discussing the candidate.

Some of the interviewers may be able to meet at the end of the day and others may not. Talentron's Virtual Roundtable Report gives you the information to fill in the blanks for the missing interviewers.

Or, you may be fortunate enough to have everyone available to meet. Having Talentron's Virtual Roundtable Report in front of you during the meeting gives you the information to make the discussion far more productive.

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