Question Builder


Talentron provides a magnificent list of instant behavioral interview questions. But, we can't cover every requirement for every position.

Question Builder

That's why Talentron provides a simple to use behavioral interview question builder. A well-formed behavioral question has three parts:

Opening  ->  Problem/Situation  ->  Difficulty Level

This tool is actually fun. You can spin each wheel like a slot machine. Only, you get to program this one. From several options, you select the Opening. Then it shows you how to state the Problem or Situation leaving room for you to customize the question to this specific position. You complete the question by deciding the level of Difficulty you would like.

Fine tune your question

As you click on each element, it automatically appears on the screen at the bottom of the tool. Go into that final question in the white box and type any changes you would like to fine tune it. Then press the SAVE button.

Very simple. 1-2-3 and you have a professional, behavioral interview question specifically designed for the job skill you want to hire.

And, no longer do we need to worry about knowing how to tell if someone is lying. With Talentron's behavioral interview questions, it is nearly impossible for someone to lie to us.

Make as many custom questions as you like. Store them for future use on other job openings.

Superior employer branding

When you conduct high-quality interviews your employer branding rises almost effortlessly.

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