John Boring

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Accelerate, which he founded in 2004. He is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company, and leads the design of Accelerate's services and products. After studying at Texas A&M University, John applied himself in the real world of corporate recruiting and training in SiliconˇValley, honing his skills at Atari, Apple and Netscape. John?s work at Apple University was the catalyst for his vision to leverage evolving technologies to simplify managing people.

Carol Malady

Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Product Development

Carol is CFO and VP, Product Development for Accelerate. She is responsible for harnessing Accelerate's culture of speed and creativity to build the company's growing suite of learning products. Carol has 25 years experience in design and production of training courses for classroom and online delivery. She founded and led Granite Creek Graphics, producing corporate trainings for Silicon Valley clients such as Apple, AT&T and Cisco. She has held positions as Product Development Manager at Optronic Technologies and Project Manager for McGraw Hill Education.

Michael Mazzei

Vice President, Marketing & Sales

Mike is VP, Marketing & Sales for Accelerate. He developed Accelerate's marketing and sales strategy and oversees its implementation. Mike brings more than 25 years of marketing and sales experience in the software industry to Accelerate. He has a track record of building strong marketing and sales organizations that provide direct solutions to customers. Mike and his wife are active in a non-profit organization devoted to assisting at-risk couples save troubled marriages. He has an MBA from the University of Southern California and a BBA from Loyola Marymount University.

Phil Quigley

Vice President, Consulting Services

Phil is VP, Consulting Services of Accelerate. His experience as a frontline manager in both the US and Asia was foundational to the design of Leading In Real Time, Accelerate's flagship management training program. And his insight into the talent acquisition process was key to the design of the Talentron recruiting products. Phil honed his talent acquisition expertise in emerging markets, where he held several Talent Development positions over a fourteen year career at Yahoo!, including Head, Learning & Development for Yahoo! India. Phil possesses a BA in Political Science from Lake Forest College and attained the rank of Major, United States Marine Corps.

Ahrar Naqvi

Chief Technology Officer

Ahrar is CTO of Accelerate. He is responsible for directing the development and implementation of the Accelerate's software applications. Ahrar has 20 years of experience in senior management, technical leadership, architecture, design and development of applications. He founded and leads Ebryx, a custom software and hardware engineering services company. He has held positions as VP Engineering at Sales Portal, EVP Engineering and GM at Palmchip, and Chief Architect and Director of Engineering at Veraz Networks. He served as a Senior Development Manager at Oracle, and received his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Dennis Wood

General Counsel

Dennis is the General Counsel of Accelerate and is responsible for guiding Accelerate's intellectual property strategy. He has over 35 years of executive experience in personnel, legal, international, software, licensing, and general management in companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Atari and other tech and non-tech companies both in and outside of Silicon Valley. He has served in positions from General Counsel, to Chief Administrative Officer, to President, and has been a member of the boards of directors and an angel investor of various companies. Dennis is an active member in the California Bar.

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