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How does Talentron help me conduct the interview?

With our tablet, smart phone or computer Talentron shows us the behavioral interview questions I need to ask. It prompts me how to dig deeper based on the candidates's response.

Helpful tool, not controlling

Talentron's Interview Assistant is what is commonly referred to as an Interview GuideBehavioral interview questions don’t help unless you can remember them when you need them. That’s why Talentron's Interview Assistant is built right in. It doesn't try to control your interview. Rather, it is a tool to assist you in remembering the important questions you want to ask.

If the conversation with the candidate is flowing the way you want and you don't need the Interview Assistant just set it aside until you need it again. You are in charge. If the conversation goes off track just pick up that tablet or smart phone or glance at your PC screen. A smart candidate will take that as a signal that it is time to stop and change direction.

You want to know who the best candidate is, right?!

Have you ever finished an interview and forgotten to ask that one great question that you really wanted to ask? Of course, you have. We all have. The Interview Assistant solves that problem for you. Get questions as you need them. This is where the rubber meets the road. When you are in the interview.

Or you are pretty sure this is the right candidate for your company. You ask the important question and get a canned or superficial answer. How do you dig deeper? Every question Talentron provides comes with a set of questions on the same page that help you dig deeper with the candidate. You don't need to remember these special deeper questions. Talentron automatically provides them for you.

When you ask probing questions about specific behavioral skills it helps you get a closer look at the candidate. Like when you were dating … wouldn't you have really liked to have been able to ask the person you were dating how reliable they were? But, you couldn't. Why? Because they were always putting their best foot forward. What if you could get them to tell you about a time when they struggled being reliable ... wouldn't that be better? Behavioral interviewing is much like that. You get a glimpse of the real person behind the façade they want you to see.

Your company's employer branding is at stake

You want to attract the best possible people to your organization. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Remember that age old adage? When you are interviewing a candidate you are their first impression of your organization. Talentron makes you look smart, prepared and professional. And it only took you 10 minutes to prepare.

Talentron, not only helps you ask the right questions and get the answers you want … it helps you look more professional to the candidate. When you conduct a first class interview you are making a statement to that candidate. You are saying, "Here's an example of who we are and why you should want to work for us." Your interviewing skills are a statement to the candidate whether you offer them the job or not. You build credibility for your organization by conducting a first class interview. And if you are competing for this candidate with another company ... with all other things being equal, which one will they want to work for?

With less and less time to prepare for an interview, you want to have a tool that makes you a professional out-of-the-box. Talentron does that for you.

Don't let the best candidate slip through your fingers

When you have a bad day interviewing … and you will have a bad day … you don't want to lose that perfect candidate, right? You don't want the best candidate to slip through your fingers and end up with your competitor do you? Talentron's got your back. Just pull up the Interview Assistant as you start the interview and you will be ready for your "A" game.

How Talentron fits your talent acquisition plans.

Questions: Are the questions you and others in your company asking seat-of-the-pants? Or, are they well thought out, behavioral interview questions that get the candidate to reveal who they really are? Talentron provides probing questions that help you discern the true character, integrity and skills of the candidate. And Talentron provides its proprietary custom, behavioral interview Question Builder. This special feature leads you while teaching you how to create your own job-specific behavioral questions.

No longer do we need to worry about knowing how to tell if someone is lying. With Talentron's behavioral interview questions, it is nearly impossible for someone to lie.

Interview: Imagine having front-and-center, those questions that you know you should be asking but aren’t thinking of at the moment. That's what the Interview Assistant does for you. It automatically formats itself to fit your smart phone, tablet or PC screen. Imagine the impact on candidates and your employer branding when you conduct high-quality interviews.

Decision: You've done the interviews. You have notes on each candidate. But, your notes aren't as complete as you would like. Which one did you like best? Can you back up that decision with anything concrete? Talentron's Real Time Rater helps interviewers complete the evaluation in a couple of minutes after the interview. All interviewer assessments are aggregated into a single report screen for each candidate. Then all candidates are presented in a single stack ranked report with the highest rated candidate on the top. Talentron's hiring metrics give you the reports you need when you get asked, "How's hiring going?"

Hire the best: Wouldn’t it be great if your confidence level soared with every new hire? When your people are using Talentron it’s like using a power tool instead of a screwdriver. It's quicker and it's better!





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