Hiring Metrics


Knowing how to conduct and interview and using behavioral interview questions is great. No longer do you need to worry about knowing how to tell if someone is lying to you. With Talentron's behavioral interview questions it is virtually impossible for someone to lie to you. No longer do we need to wonder, what does quality of hire mean?

But, you need to document assessments of each interview. And you need the data to tell the story of how you are progressing against the open requisitions.

Hiring managers are always asking, “How are you doing on those open reqs of mine?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some descriptive graphs and charts you can send them that will show how much great work you have been doing for them? Now you can.

Classic Talentron - A snapshot and associated reports of the interview activities for each department and the entire Business Unit. 

Premier Talentron - A snapshot of the interview activities company wide. Drill down to the finest detail at the business unit, department or position level. Talentron analytics give the answers to nearly all your questions about interviewing activities throughout the entire company. Create reports showing management the progress you have made since starting to use Talentron.

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