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Most interviewers are just winging it.

This leads to hiring people who leave.

Make your interviewers instant experts.

Equip them with the tools to ask the right behavioral interview questions, get the essential information and recommend the right person!

Who is using Talentron and why they like it.

Lena Talent Acquisition Manager

Lena is the Head of Talent Acquisition at a rapidly growing company. She uses Talentron to help scale high quality hiring more quickly.

Carter is one of Lena's recruiters. Talentron gives him sales interview questions so the sales team can easily conduct behavioral interviewing. This helps them select the best candidates more confidently.

Carter talent acquisition recruiter
Judy Sales hiring manager

Judy is the Head of Sales, a hiring manager with very little interview training. Judy cares about quotas. Talentron ensures her interviewers give her the essential information to hire the right people to achieve those quotas.

Interviewer Ajay, also has little interview training. He wants to do a good job, without extra work. With Talentron on his tablet he conducts a professional interview and gives useful feedback to Carter and Judy. He completes his assessment in under 2 minutes.

Ajay uses behavioral interview questions
Carter offers candidate evaluations

Carter, the recruiter, needs to make a recommendation to the hiring manager. Talentron compiles evaluations giving him feedback as interviewers complete the assessment. He no longer has to chase interviewers for feedback.

Jennifer is a job candidate. Talentron is invisible to her. She didn't realize she was being asked behavioral interview questions. She was impressed with the company and the professional manner in which they interviewed her.

Jennifer job candidate
Lena successful talent acquisition

When the CEO asks the head of Talent Acquisition, "How is hiring going?" Lena has Talentron's metrics at her fingertips. More importantly, she can use them to fine tune the hiring process which will dramatically improve the quality of hire.

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Turn hiring teams into expert interviewers.

Now your amateur interviewers can:

Use behavioral questions to conduct skillful interviews
Complete helpful candidate assessments in just minutes

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